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My name is Beatrice Simamane Hlongwa, I started THEBOOWEAVE LLC to provide quality hair at an affordable price. For me hair has always been a part of my life, I started doing hair since I was a young girl. When I seen my family and friends have their hair done by me it makes me feel amazing, after I had my first daughter I told myself that some day I will have my own hair company. It didn't happen overnight but it took me a long time to start my hair collection. After a year and eight months since my husband passed that made me more motivated into having something for myself, my kid's, and my grand kid's. My mission that Thebooweave is to provide you with a quality hair extensions at an affordable price. I only use 100% virgin human hair and India temple raw hair that comes directly from one donor. I hope that you will shop with me and let my hair be your crown.                                         


Only the Best

Not only do we offer the best products made from real human hair. We also ensure we're using the latest methods and techniques through ongoing education. Our top of the line products and extensive experience will help you reach your hair goals!


Just What You Need

If you've never had extensions before or just aren't quite sure what you need, don't be overwhelmed! Just read about our product so you can know what to do for the first time. Before you install the hair is best to washed the hair with shampoo and condition

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